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About cohousing: Cohousing is housing designed to foster community and cooperation while preserving independence. Private residences are clustered near shared facilities. The members design and manage all aspects of their community.

Monterey Cohousing Community ( MOCOCO ) is the Twin Cities' one 'real' cohousing community:
MOCOCO description at Fellowship of Intentional Communities

Zephyr Valley Community Co-op is a rural cohousing community with 13 adults and 10 kids on 550 acres of stunningly beautiful land in southeast Minnesota. Fred visited them in July 2016.
Zephyr description at Fellowship of Intentional Communities

'Homewood Cohousing' is some organizing on a city block with retrofit cohousing-like goals.
Homewood Cohousing description at Fellowship of Intentional Communities 2005

Bassett Creek Cohousing Since May 2015 and continuing in 2016 there has been discussion of the area in the the Harrison Neighborhood of Minneapolis at the north end of the Van White Bridge over the Bassett's Creek.

The old Twin Cities Cohousing Network was active in in the early 1990's but (until July 2016) had long been inactive other than a minimal Internet presence. Some of us stayed in touch and worked together informally to promote cohousing.

Minnesota Intentional communities listed at (not just cohousing)

Cohousing Resource Page has advice on finding a place to live in cohousing if you are willing to move around the country.

Retrofit Cohousing is cohousing developed in existing housing.

Urban Cohousing is cohousing in built up / urban areas.

_The Cohousing Handbook_ (2005) BY Chris and Kelly ScottHanson's In cohousing circles Chris and the book are widely recognised as great resources: "A must-read" Kathryn McCamant

The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)

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