This page has links to the videos and images used at September 24, 2017 Bassett Creek Cohousing Informational meeting

Two short videos that explain cohousing

Cohousing Explained: "What is a Home?" 2012 2:47 Animated explanation of why and what with narration by a cute kid.
(Note that last 27 seconds (after 2:20 starting with "Best of all...") are about a different community and can be ignored.

Why living in cohousing is great: "Cohousing video by kids" May 2015 2:30 ( not 'what is cohousing' )

Triangle site images

Bassett Creek Cohousing will be built on a 0.8 acre site we call the "triangle" because of the way the streets meet
at the north end of the site. It is owned by the developer of block across the James Av to the east.

Site on map with downtown Minneapolis
Site on map of neighborhood (Bassett Creek Valley - "BCV")
Aerial view of site currently
Plan for main Leef site - 110 units of Artspace housing and renovated office space
  (and original conventional townhouses on Triangle - "Phase II")
Street view of site looking south currently
Preliminary Bcrk site plan (second floor to show common house )
Artist view of preliminary Bcrk site plan from west
Artist view of downtown from inside common house
View of existing cohousing community with similar units facing 3 story walkway design

Additional information from which some images above were drawn:
Open Architecture preliminary design for 25 unit cohousing community on the Triangle July 2017 (14 page pdf).
2016 plan for "Currie Market and Artspace housing" block across the James Av to the east (7 page pdf)

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