Homewood Cohousing Vision Statement Augus

The embryonic Homewood Cohousing Community is in the Homewood
neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN.  Homewood is a low and moderate income,
racially integrated neighborhood about 2 miles north west of downtown
that has mostly owner occupied single family houses built in the 20's
and 30's. Fred H. Olson and Becca (Elizabeth) Brackett are the
initiators of the community whose focus area is the 1200-1255 Russell
Ave. North and east side of 1200-1255 Sheridan Ave. North. We invite
others to share the vision.

                          THE VISION
   We envision a cohousing community evolving over a long period of
time as a "retrofit" cohousing community in existing housing.  Member
households will include those that move to the area because they share
the vision and current residents of the focus area who choose to join.
The former will happen as houses become available.

  Our vision draws heavily on the experience of N Street Cohousing in
Davis, CA and On Going Concerns Cohousing in Portland OR.   As our
membership grows and permits, we expect the community to share such
activities as a supper coop, child care exchange, friendships and
frequent interaction among members, gardens, common space including
dining areas and workshops for such things as woodwork, home repair,
automotive repair and computer / Internet access.

The initial resources of the community are:
1) Fred and Becca's household and house where they have resided since 1977.
2) A second 3 bedroom house that Fred and Becca bought in August 1996
   which is available for rent or sale.
3) Fred's extensive network as block club co-captain of friendly
   relationships with many of the people in the focus area some of whom
   we expect to participate in the Homewood Cohousing Community.

Because of the long term evolutionary nature of retrofit cohousing and
consequent lack of the usual core group of future residents, development
of Homewood Cohousing will be facilitated by a cluster of non-resident
supporters who share the vision but don't live there. Supporters will
participate in policy discussions,lend credence to the vision, help
spread the vision and thus help locate potential members and possibly
participate in such community activities as the supper club
occasionally.  If you support the establishment of Homewood Cohousing,
contact Fred by email at fholson at cohousing.org
or (612)588-9532 or at 1221 Russell Av N, Minneapolis, MN 55411.
Supporters will receive the community newsletter (by Internet initially).

The June issue of the Twin Cities Cohousing Network Newsletter

About N Street Cohousing and On Going Concerns Cohousing
see the book _Rebuilding Community in America_.
There is extensive information about N Street on

the national Cohousing Network WWW site:

This statement and other information and focus area layout and maps
will be placed on http://freenet.msp.mn.org/cohousing/homewood