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About Cohousing - General:

Cohousing is housing designed to foster community and cooperation while preserving independence. About 30 private residences are clustered near shared facilities. The members design and manage all aspects of their community. Cohousing article at Wikipedia Cohousing Explained: "What is a Home?" 2012 2:47 Animated explanation of why and what with narration by a cute kid. The Cohousing Association of the United States Directory of US Cohousing Cohousing-L - national online discussion with extensive archives. Messages Info page About at Coho/US Towergate Infographic on coho in the UK 2011 book _Creating Cohousing_ by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett The Cohousing Handbook Building a Place for Community By Chris Scotthanson and Kelly Scotthanson 2005 (available online, free)

Twin Cities cohousing and related

Twin Cities Cohousing Network (TCCN) is an umbrella organization that promotes cohousing in the Twin Cities. Come hear about other groups and possible sites at gatherings typically with an optional meal 4 times per year. See TCCN website for details. Cedar Cohousing (formerly Bassett Creek Cohousing) proposed multigenerational urban community actively seeking a few more members so they can acquire a site near transit. SUITE Cohousing, St Paul, MN is creating sustainable, urban, intergenerational, transit oriented, and equitable cohousing at Metro Lofts in St. Paul. by Westgate station of the green line LRT. Monterey Cohousing Community is a unique, small, collaborative cohousing community located in St. Louis Park, MN "MOCOCO" is the one cohousing community that exists in the Twin Cities as of 2020 and is planning to add about 8 units. Transition Longfellow is part of Transition Town that does community based grassroot projects that aim to increase self-sufficiency to reduce the potential effects of peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability - several of Bassett Creek Cohousing values. Riverton community housing creating cooperatives and shaping communities. While it roots are student housing at the U of MN it has a somewhat broader mission now. The Twin Cities Ecovillage Project is working to build a Minnesota ecovillage about an hour or so from the Twin Cities, near either St. Paul or Minneapolis. Ecovillages are a cousin of cohousing and their residential component is often like cohousing. CoMinnesota is an expanding community of Minnesota cooperators and allies that gather to tell and write the stories of how cooperative enterprises build a better world. I contend that cohousing is a form of cooperative tho most in the US are organized as condominiums and of course cohousing is a form of intentional community as well. There are 122+ Senior Housing Coops in the US, of those 81 are in Minnesota.

Selected cohousing videos

There are a lot of videos about cohousing on the Internet. Below is a list of selected videos about cohousing. There is some overlap with: Videos at (Coho/US) Many are by Chuck Durrett or Kathryn McCamant. Both are American architects and authors, who have designed over 50 of the about 150 cohousing communities in the US. Short videos Grace Kim's TED Talk: How cohousing can make us happier 10:20 What makes the good life? (social connections) 12:47 Ted Talk Kathryn McCamant - lessons learned from the Danes 2008 3:58 Architect and cohousing expert talks about a lessons learned from the Danes: Bringing houses together brings people together. Cohousing Explained: "What is a Home?" 2012 2:47 Animated explanation of why and what with narration by a cute kid. Note that this video is also listed in "About Cohousing - General" above. Cohousing video by kids May 2015 2:30 Why living in cohousing is great -- not what is cohousing... Denmark Is Considered One Of The Happiest Places In The World | TODAY 5:02 More detail / longer videos Chuck Durrett - Cohousing An Afforable and Effective Solution to Housing Sydney March 17 2016 36:12 Charles Durrett Univ. of South Australia Mar 21, 2016 56:37 Innovation and Collaboration Centre Charles Durrett lecture, Oregon 2009 1:45:02 Cohousing: A Community Approach to Housing Ourselves A public lecture presented at the University of Oregon Department of Architecture on October 28, 2009. "What is Cohousing?" slideshow from Kraus Fitch Architects 66 slides in 2017 revised version, no narration but good text / captions etc. Has some format problems. Two part introduction to cohousing and a brief history of cohousing in Madison, Wisconsin from the first workshops through 2009, as told by Lou Host-Jablonski, Architect with Design Coalition: Madison cohousing intro Part 1 2009 9:45 Part 1 describes the book by McCamant & Durrett, Danish cohousing roots, and the first cohousing in the United States. Madison cohousing intro Part 2 2009 8:56 Part 2 describes a few early cohousing projects in the U.S., including Muir Commons which was included in a larger subdivision as the required the affordable part. Concludes with Madison workshops and three subsequent cohousing projects. Ted talk: Cohousing -- Community at its Best | Erica Elliott 2015 9:56 Cohousing information in Spanish (with 3 minute video) Chuck's presentation with dubbed translation and signed (Spanish?) for the deaf Sept 15 55:10 Manual del Senior Cohousing Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo Dani Wagman Jan 2016 A Pattern Language / Christopher Alexander demo video Not specifically about cohousing but related to design.

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