Finding a place in Cohousing

General info about Cohousing and in MN


If you decide you want to live in cohousing, achieving that goal can be a
challenge.  I (Fred Olson) have not achieved it.  Much depends on your
circumstances and where you are willing to live.  The easiest way to find
a place to live in cohousing is to move to an established (or nearly so)
community.  This may involve moving a long way.  If you have that
flexibility some of the resources below will help you find opportunities.
Depending on your time constraints, you may look for current openings or
communities that appeal to you.  Joining an existing community that does
not have current openings may involve a long wait; most cohousing
communities have a small turnover of people.

Of course the best way to achieve cohousing is to form a group and develop /
build a new community...  Best, but not easiest.  Start looking for
resources on this option at The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)

List of cohousing communities:

At Cohousing Groups on the Web

Additionally you can:

Search internet discussion archives: Cohousing-L archives

Check out:
Online Cohousing Network Classified ads

If the above do not help, Subscribe to the Cohousing-L mailing list and
post a message about your interests (mention where you have already looked
for info).
For info about Cohousing-L see:
Cohousing-L Info page

Cohousing is a form of Intentional Community.  Maybe some other flavor of
community would appeal to you.  Search or post to the "Reachbook" at the
Fellowship of Intentional Communities

Other resources:
The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)
Cohousing resources via Northwest Intentional Community Association (NICA)

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