On Going Concerns -- Portland, OR

The excerpt below is part of about one page on On Going Concerns
from page 180 of the 1995 book  _Rebuilding Community in America_ by
Ken Norwood of the Shared Living Resource Center 2375 Shattuck Ave,
  Berkeley, Ca  94704 510-548-6608  and
Kathleen Smith, architect who has a special interest in urban / retrofit
 cohousing .

"[On Going Concerns] is an example of a group of people that created a
vibrant and supportive Urban Cooperative Block from seven existing houses
on Going Street in the inner city, mixed-race, low-income neighborhood of
Sabin in Portland."

The term Urban Cooperative Block used in this book closely corresponds to
Retrofit Cohousing.

An article about On Going Concerns:
 Reclaiming Community from In Context magazine 4/93

Steve Apotheker, cofounder of Ongoing Concerns died 2011. See Steve Apotheker: A life in recycling

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